Бостон Исчез: Сайты рок клубов и музыкальных заведений больше не с нами

Рок клубы приходят, рок клубы уходят. То же самое для музыкальных заведений, ночных клубов, баров, и других важных культурных горячих точек. But its always been fascinating to us that so many notable (and in some cases, historic) concerts, parties, and events have happened across the city in places that no longer exist. And not only do these joints no longer exist, but what has replaced them — condos, new businesses, university buildings — have eradicated any trace of what went down. From General Electric building over the site of The Channel in Fort Point to the inconspicuous Allston location of early-80s post-punk comet Underground, so much of Bostons musical history is hiding in plain site.

Мы проходим эти места каждый день.

Итак, что сидит на этих объектах сейчас? Ну, это часто не приятно. Vanyaland editor Michael Marotta and photographer John Hutchings spent a day tracing Boston’s long-gone clubs, and photo-documenting what exists in these spaces today. Were a bit fascinated by the fact that New Order played whats now a BU dorm laundry room, The Doors played some weird Brighton apartment complex, and Led Zeppelin played whats now essentially a 7-11.

It should be noted, also, that were not really lamenting here, just pointing out that interesting stuff has happened in places you wouldnt think to look because of natural change. Its cool to us that these old legacy bands played in places that we pass every day and dont think twice about. This is in no way a «better in the old days» post; we’re just pointing out that musical magic took places in many unmarked graves around the city.

Слова ниже написаны Мароттой, и все изображения от Хатчингса. Research and anecdotes were pulled from The Music Museum of New England, Dirty Old Boston, The David Bieber Archives, and a variety of other online sources, linked when appropriate.

Also — if we got anything wrong, in location, history, or context, please kindly let us know at editorial@vanyaland.com.

Гостиная Аббатство

3 Бикон Сент, Инман Сквер, Сомервилл

Once home base to Bostons garage rock scene, the longtime bar space, which first opened in 1907 and was properly established after Prohibition ended in 1933, ended its run as The Abbey in late 2008. В нем сейчас находится популярная гостиная Trinas Starlite .

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Клуб La Vela является крупнейшим ночным клубом в США с общей вместимостью почти 6000 человек. 10 theme rooms feature award-winning signature designs to create a unique vibe and an unforgettable ambiance. There is something for everybody with live DJs, bands and other entertainment covering multiple genres of music.


С более 48 барами станциями разбросанными по клубу вы уверены что никогда не захотите пить. Club La Vela offers a wide variety of spirits and beers which are served by professional, yet entertaining bartenders whose sole purpose it is to see you happy. Бутылка Услуга доступна в VIP.


That is how much power the just mainrooms state of the art Alpha soundsystem produces to give you an audio experience second to none. Sound is impeccably reproduced so you can hear all the details of the highs and rich mids while your chest is pounded by clean, undistorted bass that wont hurt your ears.


If you dig live rock, step inside Club La Velas multi-level Rock Arena to catch the hottest touring and circuit bands in the country. От Классического Рока, к Альтернативе, Гаражу, Синей Траве, к Металлу… Клуб Лос-Анджелес Велас Рок Арены получил это все. Проверьте расписание предстоящих региональных групп.


Club La Vela features intelligent lighting, high power lasers, cryogenics and full matrix video walls designed to immerse you in an ocean of visual delights as you dance the night away to your favorite beats. Каждая комната в уникальном сенсорном опыте.


Since its beginnings over 30 years ago, Club La Velas pool has been the epicenter of all daytime activity and the site of Club La Velas infamous Bikini and Male Hardbody contests during Spring Break! Ночью веранда у бассейна превращается в огромную концертную площадку под открытым небом.

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Что Грэмми? Попробуйте эти 12 мест для лучшей живой музыки в Америке

Услышать этот звук? Its the rattle, hum and screech of the Grammys fast approaching (Sunday) amid ugly offstage circumstances. It might also be a reminder that A) theres no substitute for the joy of live music; and B) you should get out of Southern California more.

Я могу помочь. I spent a good chunk of the last two years reporting stories about great American music venues, a dream assignment that took me from New Yorks Carnegie Hall to Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, Okla.

Ive ranked my experiences in 12 classic music spots, all outside Southern California, some well-known, some not. (Я люблю спорить о лучших общественных музыкальных местах, но это было бы другой историей.)

Конечно, ваш пробег и музыкальный опыт будут различаться. Но есть глубокая радость в блуждающих залах подобных этим. You might find the green room where Hank Williams lay unconscious (OK, maybe theres more than one of those); the classy joint where Benny Goodman anchored a groundbreaking big-band gig; the rowdy room where Sid Vicious put his fist through the wall; the stage where Taylor Swift, Emmylou Harris and Roy Acuff have played to hometown crowds; or the nook where a booth is still reserved for the late John Lee Hooker.

Along the way, I heard blues, jazz, rock, pop, chamber music and full orchestras, all musicians Id never heard in person before. Большинство мне нравилось, некоторые мне нравились.

Эти рейтинги идут от 12 до 1, в возрастающем порядке музыкального удовлетворения , которое они доставили. Я Я сравниваю яблоки и апельсины? Oh, yes. И кумкваты и дурианы. (Скажите мне куда еще пойти и дайте мне знать ваше любимое место в твиттере @mrcsreynolds.)

12. Кингстон Шахты, Чикаго

Kingston Mines, a blues club on Chicago

It was no fun to learn that there are no real blues bars left on Chicagos South Side, which once was full of them. But it was a comfort to find Kingston Mines, a sprawling place on North Halsted Street that sticks to blues every night, dates back more than 50 years, draws a lot of college students, serves comfort food and doesnt close until 4 a.m. большинство дней.

In a different way, I loved Rosas Lounge, another blues club thats as intimate as Kingston Mines is sprawling. I felt less connection to Buddy Guys Legends, a glitzy place downtown thats convenient for tourists but only slightly more atmospheric than the Hilton. (Главный приоритет в моей следующей поездке в Чикаго: зеленая мельница, великолепный джазовый клуб с злым винтажным видом. Я видел это, но это было в будний день днем и играл только музыкальный автомат .) Вот еще о Кингстонских Шахтах и других .

Кто играл: Corey Dennison, who did a fine, rueful version of Willie Nelsons «Night Life.» Also Carl Weathersby, Giles Corey, Joanna Connor, Nigel Mack, Mz Peaches and her Casanovas.

11. Соленое Озеро Скиния на Площади Храма , Соленое Озеро Город

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, Salt Lake City

Это удивительно то, что архитектура и сообщество могут сделать для музыки. Salt Lake Citys Tabernacle — oldest of all the venues here — dates to the 1860s, when the Mormons were just settling in Utah. The choir and their building were essentially made for each other, and the stories of pioneer days are remarkable.

Итак, каковы подробности того что требуется для пения в хоре Скинии в эти дни. (You need serious musical chops, receive no pay and must retire by 60.) Sit under the curved roof on a Sunday morning and you can watch the 360 singers file in like robed angels and hear the live recording of hymns and classical pieces for the choirs radio show. It’s free. (Итак, это туры и хоры в четверг вечером репетиции.) Вот еще о хоре и здании.

Кто играл: Хор Скинии , конечно. (They officially stopped being the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in late 2018.) The program included «Ubi Caritas,» an Gregorian chant that works eerily well with 360 voices.

10. Континентальные и Си-Бойз Сердце и Душа, Остин, Техас

Barfield performs at the Continental Club, Austin, Texas.

Это акт родного брата. The Continentals white and orange neon sign has been calling out to Austin rockers from South Congress Avenue for decades, with musicians including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Ely and Kinky Friedman, Buck Owens, Robert Plant and Billy Gibbons.

Внутри посетители находят громкое, тусклое, уютное пространство с бассейном и комнатой для около 200 человек. It’s cool. And so is C-Boys, which stands several blocks away, shares the same owner and is dedicated to soul and R&B. Си-Мальчики выглядят так как будто они могли бы быть старше. Но нет, он открылся в 2014 году, с винтажным ощущением с Дня 1. (Its also a little bit swankier than the Continental.) Heres more on the clubs and South Congress Avenue.

Кто играл: The Reverent Few, Mike Barfield, Rosie Flores, Whit Smith, Casper Rawls, the South Austin Moonlighters.

9. Выходное пособие Холл, Кливленд

The intricate, lace-like aluminum leaf pattern on the ceiling is said to match Elisabeth Severance's wedding dress.

The music lovers of Cleveland got this grand old auditorium built in the early 1930s, despite a grinding Great Depression.

Then, under dictatorial conductor George Szell, the Cleveland Orchestras players won a reputation for excellence that put them among the top orchestras in the country, even as their hometown was being derided for its burning river and weakened economy.

В настоящее время экономика стала сильнее, река стала чище , а оркестр стал таким же свирепым , как когда-либо. Вот еще о оркестре, Кливлендсе упорстве и Зале Славы рок и ролла .

Кто играл: Кливлендский оркестр под Музыкальным руководством Франца Вельзер-Места; пианист Ефим Бронфман.

8. Филлмор Аудиториум, Сан Франциско

The Филлмор Аудиториум, Сан Франциско, with the Wood Brothers onstage.

From the outside, this former skating rink might be the ugliest home to frequently sublime music Ive ever seen. But inside, you find the chandeliers, the posters and photographs to remind you how 1960s rock came of age in this room.

Мне нравится вид с балкона на сцену, но тебе придется прийти пораньше чтобы занять место в первом ряду там. (Dont forget to also grab a free apple — homage to the late impresario Bill Graham.) Also, for a nightcap, theres the much snugger Boom Boom Room across the street. The club, dedicated to funk and formerly fronted by bluesman John Lee Hooker, brings in a lot of brass bands. Здесь есть еще больше фотографий и истории.

Кто играл: Ибейи, французские кубинские близнецы с навязчивым вокалом и перкуссией.

7. Красный Скалы Амфитеатр, снаружи Денвер

Waiting for the Decemberists to take the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.

Если бы я был НЛО, Я приземлился на Красных Скалах на шоу ночью. Picture bench seating for 9,000, carved into a mountain landscape between two jutting red rock formations. The summertime music in the thin air here dates back more than a century and includes a Jimi Hendrix show in the 60s and a U2 gig in 1983 that became the concert film «U2 Live at Red Rocks: Под Кроваво-Красным Небом.»

This is the only place on my list that doubles as a hiking and workout venue, and because its 6,450 feet above stage, the stage crew keeps oxygen canisters handy in case a winded performer needs to suck air. Вот еще на амфитеатре.

Кто играл: The Decemberists, who played «Ben Franklins Song,» a hilarious «Hamilton» outtake by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Также Фантограмма.

6. Пятнистый Кот, Новый Орлеан

The Spotted Cat Music Club, Frenchmen Street, New Orleans.

This jazz club is just right, neither too big nor too small, beloved by locals and visitors, sitting in the lively mix of restaurants and clubs along Frenchmen Street in the Marigny District.

To appreciate it even more, compare your experience with Preservation Hall in the French Quarter, where the musicians can be wonderfully grizzled and formidable, but your ticket buys you a seat for one 45-minute set and no alcohol is served. The hall is very much a tourist thing, and Im glad for the visitor dollars that make their way to the musicians. Но Пятнистый Кот — это круче повесить.

5. Райман Аудитория, Нэшвилл

Daytime tour, Райман Аудитория, Нэшвилл.

В начале это было этапом для проповедников. Затем пришел Великий Оле Опри. Затем наступило почти забвение, до Эммилу Харрис и другие помогли возродить причудливое здание. Помимо полного календаря шоу, Аудитория Раймана предлагает туры, включая фотосессию на сцене .. Это своего рода дрянной, но это также квинтэссенция Нэшвилла. Кроме того, хонки-тонки с Нижнего Бродвея находятся рядом под рукой. Вот еще фотографии и история.

Кто играл: Уайти Морган и 78-е, которые разбудили дом с «Хонки Тонк Ад».

4. Кейнс Бальный зал, Талса

Couples dance as Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives play at Cain

Может быть, вы не слышали об этом одном. Он полон сюрпризов.

To start with, Cains was built as an auto garage in 1924, and despite the classic photos of country music heroes that line the walls, it still kind of looks like a converted auto garage. In the Dustbowl 1930s, it was headquarters for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, whose far-reaching western swing broadcasts brought comfort to countless Oklahomans looking for work.

In the 1970s, after decades of rowdy country shows, it was born again as a rock venue, and hosted the Sex Pistols on their short, lone U.S. тур в 1978. ( Шоу прошло плохо и Сид Злобно пробил стену; повреждение было сохранено и оформлено.)

Шоу продолжаются, страна до рэпа. Heres more about Cains, and dont miss the Woody Guthrie Center a few blocks away, or the startling number of Art Deco buildings downtown. Also, OKPOP (the Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture) is due to rise soon across the street from Cains.

Кто играл: Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, who dawdled and then raced through a festive «Orange Blossom Special.» Also MisterWives.

3. Королевская улица, Новый Орлеан

Doreen Ketchens, on clarinet, and her band play Королевская улица, Новый Орлеан.

Уличные музыканты необходимы для места в этом списке. And theres no American place more attuned to street music than New Orleans, with its history of marching bands and jazz funerals.

Royal Street, in the French Quarter, is a particularly prime street for traditional jazz players, and for years the streets leading act has been clarinetist Doreen Ketchens, who was classically trained and has played for four presidents. Она и ее группа собрались перед рынком в Королевском и Сент. Питер улицы большинство выходных днем и вечером.

Кто играл: Doreen Ketchens, family and friends, who made fast, happy work of Louis Armstrongs «Royal Garden Blues.»

2. Карнеги Холл, Нью Йорк

Carnegie Hall

Here, more than any other place on this list, listeners and performers alike think hard about who has come before them. It goes back to 1891, when some guy named Tchaikovsky took the stage on opening night to conduct his own work, and just about everyone whos anyone has passed through Carnegie Hall since then: Benny Goodman (1938), Leonard Bernstein (nearly 450 performances from 1943 to 1990), the Beatles (1964), Judy Garland (1961).

The halls director of archives estimates that 50,000 shows have been staged in the building, which might make this the most frequently trod stage on Earth. Besides the 2,804-seat main auditorium thats named for Isaac Stern, there is the 268-seat Weill Recital Hall and 599-seat Zankel Hall, a more contemporary space downstairs for pop, jazz and world music performances. Больше фотографий и истории здесь. Туры предлагаются шесть дней в неделю с осени по весну.

Кто играл: Tine Thing Helseth, a trumpeter who also offered vocals on an a cappella encore of the old standard «Smile.» Also the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, New York Pops, Capathia Jenkins, James Monroe Iglehart, Ruthie Foster, North Mississippi Allstars.

1. Станция Гостиница, Нэшвилл

The Station Inn, a favorite Nashville roots music venue, holds bluegrass jam sessions on Sunday nights. Here Carl Caldwell sings and plays mandolin.

Это не Великий Оле Опри и это не блестящая новая арена. Это скромный клуб в районе Ущелья , сцена которого посвящена в основном Америке. Владелец, Дж.Т. Серый, играет бас.

В воскресенье вечером на Вокзале в гостинице подают мятлик с вареньем, без покрытия платы. Навыки уровни являются высокими. Спецодежда есть изношена. If youre a visiting musician, you sidle up to the regulars, demonstrate your chops and hope to be invited into the middle of some down-home Americana, even if youre not from here.

В ту ночь , которую я посетил, к местным завсегдатаям джемов присоединились три игрока на банджо: Taylor Pfeiffer, 19 and fresh from Australia; Mikael Jonassen, 29, from Norway; and Yuki Yajima, 23, from Japan. Они могли играть.

When the leader asked Yajima to call the tune, it was clear that Yajima had very few English words in his vocabulary. Но он смог найти три. «Туманный Горный Срыв», сказал он .

Группа с четырьмя континентами запустила. Музыка мчалась вперед как сбежавший фургон. Это был глобальный момент, американский момент, музыкальный момент.

Кто играл: Кучка любителей. Отличные .

Получите вдохновение , чтобы уйти подальше.

Исследуйте Калифорнию, Запад и за пределами с еженедельным информационным бюллетенем Escapes .

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Born and raised in California, Christopher Reynolds has written about travel, the outdoors, arts and culture for the Los Angeles Times since 1990.

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